The biggest challenge we have with owner financing (and buying notes) is education.

Because there is so little awareness 'out there' amongst property sellers and their agents (and attorneys and accountants), we have a big job helping them understand owner financing well enough to consider accepting an offer from you or another buyer.

When we get good at this, we may be able to personally buy a property for our own portfolio, but if not, we can consult to help a seller-financed transaction come together in a very specific way... a way that allows us to come in and buy a piece of the note for ALMOST NO DISCOUNT, netting the seller more cash at closing than is available from the buyer's down payment.

We are trying to buy Property or Paper, or BOTH!!... that is our goal.

I want to support you to be able to bring deals to me so I can add more 'front-end partials' to my note portfolio. When those deals close, you get paid!

The idea for this came from Travis. Travis is a guy that used to work in the mortgage industry years ago. He has a joe job, and is a single Dad, but on the side he hustles up seller financing and note deals. He's probably been bringing me a handful of deals a year for over 10 years now. He asked me to create some materials that would help him more easily get the ideas across to the sellers and agents he was talking to... and of course I'm using them in my own marketing efforts :)


Here's what you get when you sign up to become a Travis:

  1. Special reports and flyers aimed at both real estate sellers and agents that you can customize with your own contact into and branding
  2. Unbranded introductory videos that you can download to be able to send out from your phone or computer to your various prospects
  3. A newsletter each month that you can send out to the agents and brokers you are nurturing along... you need to stay in front of them so when they're about ready to lose a commission, the first person they think of calling is YOU
  4. Instructional videos on ideas for how to use the above marketing materials
  5. Live 'Office Hours' so you have a place to learn and ask questions. 
  6. Discounted 1:1 Coaching (for Citizens ONLY!!). When you've got a live deal in front of you, or you need to know if it IS a deal and how you should proceed, you need to have quick, affordable access to support. Book a 'Citizen's Powwow' or 'Citizen's Power Hour'.
  7. Custom materials made for you. If you have a special report, flyer, or video that you think would help you, then I will make it! Maybe you're going after multifamily and want a report that runs numbers for those types of sellers. There could be many variations and niche purposes. Every month our library will grow and become more robust!

I look forward to supporting you in being successful in this powerful but hidden niche... property and paper, owner financing and notes... you'll learn to make them dance as we close one deal at a time together!!

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